Umbrella of Colonie

Connecting senior homeowners with reliable handypeople who do yard work, light carpentry, cleaning, plumbing, and more, affordably.

Umbrella of Colonie connects senior homeowners to a wide variety of home maintenance services, allowing them to continue to live safely and independently in their own homes. By utilizing the assets within our own community, we connect senior homeowners with retired handy men and women who help perform simple home repairs at a very reasonable cost. The homes stay in good condition at a manageable cost, and relationships are forged between the handy people and the homeowners.

An important component of Umbrella of Colonie is the Tool Box, an all-volunteer run, donation based, tool resale shop. Tools are donated by members of the community, cleaned and organized by volunteers, and sold at a highly discounted rate to the public. All proceeds from the Tool Box help low income Umbrella members with upkeep and repairs that are needed, but may not be easy to afford.

In addition, Umbrella of Colonie hosts the annual Warmth of Winter fundraiser, which raises money to help seniors in our community with their winter heating bills. In 2021, over 200 seniors were assisted with their winter heating bills.

Now in its tenth year, Umbrella of Colonie continues to improve and extend services to our constantly growing number of senior citizens living in the Town of Colonie. Since its inception, Umbrella handy men and women have performed over 13,500 jobs for 989 Umbrella members!  Our bi-monthly Umbrella luncheon keeps members and handy men and women connected and informed about upcoming events and activities.