THE CENTER is a place for individuals 55 years of age or older to learn, grow, exercise, and be creative. Best of all, it’s a place to have fun!

Through offerings in categories such as Creative Pursuits, Education for Life, Fitness Opportunities, and Travel Experiences, members of our community will have the opportunity to be active in a trusted place. THE CENTER at CSSC is an excellent way for Colonie Senior Service Centers, Inc. to share its beautiful buildings with the community with space for dance and yoga, games, and cooking demonstrations as well as valuable programming for members. A computer kiosk will allow members to check in, register for classes, and see what is available on the schedule. Each member will be given a unique key tag and when it is swiped at the kiosk, the screen shows the user what is available that day.

The membership fee is $20 for the calendar year. THE CENTER at CSSC will also be offering special events for members only. To become a member of THE CENTER, contact Caroline Barrett, Director, Lifelong Wellness, at 518-459-2857 ext. 327 or email