Bright Horizons Adult Day Services

Vibrant social center provides respite for caregivers and a social day program for older adults.

The Bright Horizons program began with just one member over 30 years ago. Our program provides respite to over 60 families each month. The program provides a safe place for loved ones who are in need of a supportive environment during the day, and respite for their caregivers. Bright Horizons offers families a program that includes companionship, hot meals, exercise, recreation, and socialization.

Bright Horizons is open Monday–Friday from 9-4 p.m.

Bright Horizons also offers a virtual program. Our virtual program includes the following activities: music therapy, exercise, crossword puzzles, memory games, word games, discussion group, virtual bingo, and much more! Activities will vary based on the interests of the participants. Our virtual program has been a wonderful success. We enjoy the company of our Bright Horizons members, their caregivers and family members. We welcome any seniors who live in the community who may be isolated and lonely to join us.

The Bright Horizons Caregiver Resource Center continues to offer valuable information and materials for families. We have expanded our Caregiver Lending Loan Library. Materials include books, CDs, and DVDs on different types of dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, depression, behaviors, and most importantly coping skills for caregivers. Complimentary return envelopes and postage are included. Caregiver support groups are also available in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Association.

If you would like to learn more about Bright Horizons Adult Day Services please contact:

Sue Napierski at  518-459-7967

Sarah Perkins at 518-459-2857 ext. 323

Bright Horizons Colonie
The Beltrone Living Center
6 Winners Circle
Albany, NY 12205